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The game is good but the controls feel really slow and the walls are almost "sticky". I feel like I always find myself sliding down a wall at a slow speed just because if I jump, I'll go even higher and have to repeat the process. Good work anyways!

no support for ps4 controler?

then i will test it later ^^

Sorry, this support only gamepad.

sorry, ps4 controler works perfectly!! (it was just my pc ^^)

it's just a awsome game!


Wonderful game!

By the way, I couldn't get the Mac version to load. Played Windows version instead.

I love this game! The difficulty is awesome. I'm not try to self-advertise or anything, but I did a video on this, and I thought you might want to watch it!


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I'm Sorry that I don't have enough listening skills to understand English in detail , but I'm really happy (T ^ T)

I wanna watch this video many times, Thank you!!!

Absolutely fanastic !!!! Love the difficulty level !